8/5 Remote Service

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Digital and safe

The 8/5 Remote Service brings our Technical Helpdesk digitally to your plant during our regular office hours. The procedure is simple: In the event of a fault, you trigger a service ticket via a remote service cockpit. This authorizes our experts to connect to your plant and the approved controls, and you can communicate with them via live chat using text, audio or video. All access is documented to the minute and can be terminated at any time. This means that you, as the operator, always have a full overview.

After signing an 8/5 Remote Service contract, we will send you the required remote router. As soon as this is connected to the internet, commissioning is completed within a few hours.

Your benefits

  • Pre-configured hardware
  • Password protected authentication and secured connection
  • Regular hardware checks
  • Shortest response times
  • Access to Siempelkamp's entire expert knowledge
  • Qualified support for all tasks up to and including plant downtimes
  • Full cost control through fixed billing rates

These product advantages result in these specific benefits for you:

Proven System
For Maximum Safety

For our 8/5 Remote Service, we use the same remote system as for the 24/7 Remote Service. This is an established system that has been specially developed for industrial applications.

More about the technical realization of the remote system

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