Online prediction of board parameters

Reduced costs, guaranteed quality
by automatic learning

With Prod-IQ.quality our MES-tool offers a comprehensive module which predicts the quality of important board parameters reliably and online. This includes for example internal bond and bending strength, thickness swelling or surface soundness.

For maximum capacity

The principle of Prod-IQ.quality: The software calculates the product quality on the basis of the current process settings, and presents them in a trend diagram. In addition, the software calculates the minimum quality reserves required. This means that production can run much closer to the maximum capacity, as the fluctuation range is much narrower. This increases the productivity with consistent quality.

Machine learning
USP of Prod-IQ.quality

Prod-IQ.quality is a self-learning system and shows a very high average accuracy of predictions, after only approx. 6 months. In figures:

  • Raw density 99%,
  • Internal bond, surface soundness and bending strength 95% as well as
  • Thickness swelling 95%.

For this purpose, the system uses every laboratory check to adjust the process model. Up until recently, this adjustment had to be carried out manually. Now it is automated. Furthermore, we have made the application more user friendly via an optimized user interface (one-click modelling).

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from our customers

How effectively Prod-IQ.quality works is shown by the figures our customers have given us:

  • More than 2.5% less material used
  • Up to 2% more first quality boards
  • Up to 5% higher speed

“With Prod-IQ.quality the quality is produced as good as desired. Expensive additional safety reserves are not required.”

Gregor Bernardy, SLS MES & Industrial IT

Features, advantages, customer benefit
Prod-IQ.quality at a glance

To get a first impression of the functionality and benefits of Prod-IQ.quality, we have summarized the basic features of the module and its advantages:

  • Technology support e.g. plant comparison, MFT-trending, process monitoring
  • Automatic learning of laboratory samples
  • Online quality prediction and control
  • Online calculation of reliable quality values
  • Increased production speed
  • Less rejects and use of material
  • Reduced costs with guaranteed quality

These product advantages result in the following concrete benefits for you:

Modular design for
maximum scalability

Starting from Prod-IQ.basics Plus you can freely combine the Prod-IQ® modules according to your requirements. The other modules at a glance::

Compare with module Prod-IQ.basics PlusCompare with module Prod-IQ.profile

Further information

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