LIGNA 2023 – Review

Finally LIGNA again
And we were there

The stands have been dismantled, the equipment stowed away for next time and we can look back on a very successful LIGNA with consistently positive feedback and corresponding demand.

Over a total of five days, the woodworking and wood processing show once again demonstrated that it deserves its reputation as the world's leading trade fair. After the break in 2021, more than 80,000 visitors from 160 countries came to find out about the megatrends of sustainability and digitalization.


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Our ideas for the wood-based panels industry of the future

Under the motto "Sustainability, Digitalization, Competence," we were also able to provide corresponding impetus with our topics: We presented selected product and service innovations to our guests that optimize machines and plants for a future characterized by efficiency and modern use of resources. This includes:

  • Online Steelbelt Monitoring: fully automated 24/7 monitoring of steelbelts for detection, visualization and analysis of changes in the steelbelt surface.
  • Prod-IQ • SmartPress: AI-based solution for autonomous control of plant processes developed in cooperation with our partner SMARTECH. The high-performance technology boosts performance at all levels and enables efficient production.
  • Online Spare Parts Catalogue: web-based plant-specific spare parts catalogue for new and existing plants with extensive features.
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